Boiler error message e133

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Boiler error message e133

Boiler error message E133 is an issue that can cause distress to homeowners and business owners alike. It indicates a problem with the boiler’s regulation system, preventing the appliance from providing hot water or heat. When this happens, it often requires an experienced technician to diagnose and repair the issue, which can be expensive if not taken care of quickly.

Boiler error message E133, also known as a flame failure reset, can be one of the most frustrating boiler problems homeowners encounter.

This error code is often associated with older boilers and can mean various things ranging from pilot light issues to thermocouple failing to sensor issues. This article will discuss the possible causes of boiler error message E133 and how to fix it.

Boiler Error Message E133 is a fault code that can appear in many boilers. It indicates a problem with the boiler’s pressure switch, which is responsible for regulating the water pressure in the boiler. This article will discuss what causes Boiler Error Message E133 and how to fix it. We will also cover some useful tips to minimize your risks and prevent future problems from occurring.


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