Dayton furnace error codes

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Dayton furnace error codes

The Dayton furnace is a popular residential heating appliance. It has various error codes that can help us troubleshoot any issues with the appliance.

The following are the most common Dayton furnace error codes:

01-11-01: The circuit board has shorted out and needs to be replaced.

12-00-00: The circuit board needs to be replaced, but it is not responding to any commands.

13-00-07: The unit needs a new thermocouple.

13-02-06: The unit has overheated and is shutting down due to safety concerns; contact your dealer for more information on what you should do next.

14-01-04: The relay switch must be replaced, or the backlit switch must be reprogrammed.

15-01B2A7F8D6: There is an issue with the thermostat

Dayton’s error codes are a set of characters, from 0 to 9, that confirm the condition of the furnace. These codes can help troubleshoot issues and should not be confused with trouble codes.

We all know that furnaces are complicated, but let’s learn what these codes mean and how they can help you figure out what is wrong with your furnace.

Dayton furnaces are fully computerized, which means that they have a lot of error codes. This article will explain how to read and interpret the error codes in D50 Furnace Control Panel.

Error code: D50-1B

This message is displayed when the customer’s telephone dialling plan differs from the furnace’s. This is the most common cause of this type of error.

This message can be avoided by disabling the telephone lines in your furnace programming or changing your furnace’s phone dialling plan during programming.

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