Keeprite furnace error codes

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Keeprite furnace error codes

When a keeprite furnace goes out of service, the error codes are a key indicator of what is wrong with it. The codes are specific to the make and model of the furnace so that you can use them for troubleshooting.

The following list of error codes for keeprite furnaces is in order from most severe to least severe:

E-2 – System Malfunction/Circuit Overload – This code indicates an over-current or short circuit on the circuit board. The furnace will shut down, and you must determine what caused the problem before repairing or replacing it.

E-1 – Circuit Not Functioning Properly – This code indicates a problem with one component on the circuit board. It could be a defective relay, capacitor, or switch, but this problem may also affect other components.

E-0 – Unit Malfunction – This code indicates that there are too many voltage spikes on the line coming into this unit, causing it to shut

Keeprite furnaces are equipped with a numeric error code to help you quickly diagnose and fix any problems. The error codes on the Keeprite furnace’s display and in the furnace’s control panel are also included in this User Manual.

Keeprite furnace error code lookup tool is a helpful tool to learn what keeps you up at night. This tool displays the most common error codes generated by the Keeprite furnace and their corresponding diagnosis steps.

The only downside of using this tool is that not all errors are displayed. So, it helps to have a manual handy during use.

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