Furnace control board error codes

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Furnace control board error codes

The furnace control board monitors and regulates the heating cycle. There are three major failure types: intermittent, permanent, and accelerating.

Intermittent failures are errors that occur during a specific time of day or season. They can be corrected by resetting the board or replacing a sensor.

Permanent failures are more difficult to repair and they consist of two different subtypes: hard-to-read and intermittent failures. Accelerating failures usually signify that something is wrong with the furnace itself which needs to be fixed as soon as possible to prevent damage to the furnace.

The furnace control board error codes are on the control board, which is located either in the furnace or in the air handler.

The first digit of a code tells you what type of problem it is. For example, a code of 2 refers to a gas-related problem, while a code of 5 refers to an electrical problem.

A furnace control board error code refers to the numbers that display on the control board when there is a problem with the furnace.

This article will explain what these codes mean, and how they can be fixed.

The first thing to do when we see an error code is to check if it is a temporary or permanent issue. If it’s temporary, then we should wait for the furnace to turn back on before continuing. But if it’s permanent, then we’ll need to call a furnace repair specialist for help.

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