Bryant furnace error code 12

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Bryant furnace error code 12

If you experience the Bryant thermostat error code 12, you can try resetting your thermostat. You can remove the battery or unplug the thermostat from its power source. Please wait 30 seconds before plugging it in or reinstalling the battery.

Bryant furnaces have error codes that may give the homeowner a clue about what is wrong.

The Bryant Furnace Error Code 12 means that the furnace has detected a problem with one or more of its safety devices. The most likely culprit is an air pressure or filter switch under the burner assembly.

There are three possible reasons for this error code:

Air pressure switch malfunction – A loss of airflow can trigger this safety device to shut off the gas supply and electricity to the burner, shutting down the furnace. It is not uncommon for dust, pet hair, and other particles in your home’s air ducts to cause a loss of airflow in your system. Changing your home’s filter will usually rectify this issue if it was caused by dirt buildup in the filter and not a mechanical failure of the switch itself.

Filter switch malfunction – A dirty or clogged filter can obstruct good airflow into your furnace, causing gas and power to be blocked from reaching your

A Bryant furnace error code 12 is usually caused by a faulty sensor. These sensors are usually installed on the exhaust pipe to measure the temperature. There is a sensor in the burner compartment that measures air temperature and another one that measures coolant temperature. If you notice any changes in your furnace’s performance, it could be due to a faulty sensor or an electrical problem. If this error code persists, you will need a qualified technician to inspect and diagnose your furnace.

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