Boiler error code e9

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Boiler error code e9

Boiler Error Code E9: This boiler code, when seen, means that the boiler is not receiving enough water for the heat exchange system to work properly. This could be due to a failed water level sensor, broken pipes or low pressure from the city supply company!

Boiler error code e9 indicates that the pressure of the water column is outside of the set limits. The system is trying to readjust it to a new pressure.

Reduced boiler efficiency and high water production are also possible causes for this error code.

The boiler error code E9 indicates a malfunctioning of the gas valve. The gas valve may be tripped, faulty, or not able to open.

The boiler error code E9 usually occurs if there is a problem with the electrical settings such as the boiler being set to auto instead of manual mode or vice versa. It could also be caused by an improperly wired thermostat or an incomplete configuration in the Thermostat settings.

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