Goodman furnace error codes

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Goodman furnace error codes

Goodman is one of North America’s leading manufacturers of furnaces and air-conditioning systems. Goodman furnace error codes are mostly displayed on the control panel of your furnace. Goodman has a standard numbering system for their error codes.

The most common Goodman furnace error codes are:

14: This fault code means a problem with the burner circuit board.

It will not heat, cool, or run at all.

17: The cooling coil thermistor shorted to the leads or terminals on the PCB.

18: The cooling coil thermistor shorted to the leads or terminals on the PCB.

20: The secondary air pump thermostat stuck open, causing this code to be displayed

22: This fault code indicates that there is an internal temperature sensor circuit malfunction

Goodman furnace error codes are used to identify the causes of a furnace malfunction.

Goodman has existed since 1877 and is currently the world’s largest manufacturer of residential furnaces.

Goodman furnaces have a wide variety of error codes. These error codes can be found in the manual or by using a service such as this one that provides an easy way to find and share a specific error code. With these codes, users can quickly troubleshoot their problems and figure out what is wrong with the furnace.

Goodman furnace error codes are typically found on the back panel of your furnace. Many errors, including overloads, overheats, and other issues, might prevent your furnace from working properly. If you’re having trouble with your Goodman furnace or want to learn more about it, you can use this resource to find out what’s wrong.

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