Lennox error code a950

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Lennox error code a950

Lennox error code a950 is an operating system error that may appear when the central processing unit overloads. This can happen if you are using too many applications or trying to upgrade your operating system.

Lennox is a popular heating and air-conditioning equipment, and one recent error code that it has been issuing is lennox error code a950.

What does the Lennox error code a950 mean?

The Lennox error code a950 means the system has detected an internal problem with the air handler, blower motor, or high-voltage transformer. This includes:

* Malfunction of the cooling coil or fan motor

* Failure of the power transistor

* Intermittent operation to a high-voltage transformer

* Malfunction of compressor clutch solenoid

* Internal overload

Lennox heater error code a950 is the most common problem plagues this heating system. It is caused by an incorrect wiring configuration in the thermostat.

To fix this error code, one should check the wiring configuration of their thermostat by hooking up a multimeter. They should test for continuity from the two black wires coming in from the furnace to another terminal on the back of their thermostat. If no continuity is found, you might need to change your wiring configuration by removing and reconnecting some wires on the inside back side of your furnace.

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