Lennox air handler error codes

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Lennox air handler error codes

The Lennox system uses error codes to identify potential issues with the Lennox compressor, Fan motor, condenser, blower motor and temperature sensor. Each code is used to provide more detail on what the issue is and how it can be fixed.

Lennox air handler error codes make it much easier to troubleshoot and repair an air handler. When a technician needs to troubleshoot a problem with a Lennox furnace, he or she can use the codes rather than having to search for the specific part number on the unit.

Lennox has included basic troubleshooting guides in their air handler manuals to make troubleshooting easier. These guides list all of the possible error codes generated by your furnace and what they mean.

A new air handler needs to be serviced before it is installed. The error codes of an air handler can help its owner to identify the issue.

An air handler carries out three main functions; heating, cooling, and ventilation. If any of these functions stop working, this will indicate a fault with the unit.

The most common error code that Lennox air handlers are programmed to produce is 11, which stands for compressor overload.

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