Lennox error code a725

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Lennox error code a725

Lennox is a heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment brand. It is a division of Honeywell International Inc., an American multinational conglomerate.

The Lennox error code a725 appears when the control board in an HVAC system malfunctions. The error code may indicate that the control head needs to be replaced or that the system needs servicing for other components, like the blower unit.

Suppose you think you see an error code of a725 on your Lennox control board. In that case, it’s important to contact your local service provider as soon as possible, as notifying them in advance will help them prepare for your arrival and get your system back up and running quickly.

A725 is a malfunction code from Lennox Furnaces. The reason the furnace shuts down is the furnace’s ability to maintain an even flame.

The A725 error code indicates a problem with the flame turbulence control system, which controls how long and how large the flames are when they are burning. When this control system malfunctions, it becomes necessary for the furnace to reduce power or shut off entirely for repairs to be made.

A725 does not necessarily mean that there has been any damage to your furnace. Usually, it means that either there is no airflow or the airflow is too strong, causing too much heat and smoke that prevents proper combustion.

The lennox error code a725 is one of the most common errors with Lennox or Trane heat pumps. This article provides instructions on troubleshooting this error code, including a direct link to the troubleshooting guide.

The LENNOX error code A725 indicates that your condenser (air handler) is not running, but the control board may be in another mode.

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