Lennox error code da840

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Lennox error code da840

Lennox error code da840 is a common error code on air conditioning systems in the United States.

Lennox error code da840 is a problem for Lennox owners and repair technicians but also for other companies that manufacture and sell portable compressors, outdoor heaters, industrial coolers and electric motors. The problem is that each machine’s compressor contains a specific amount of refrigerant that can vary by as much as 50%.

Da840 stands for “defrost drain valve stuck open,” It happens when the defrost drain valve doesn’t close when you turn off the refrigerant in your system. It causes leaks in different parts of your system and can lead to system failure.

There are many reasons that a Lennox error code da840 can come up. They can range from human errors to mechanical failure. It is important to know why the da840 error code is displayed on the machine.

The most common cause of Lennox error code da840 is debris buildup in and around your heating system. However, it can also be caused by malfunctions in other parts of your HVAC system or even a lack of refrigerant in the air conditioner or heat pump.

This article will detail what causes and symptoms you need to watch out for when you have Lennox error code da840 on your unit and how you can remedy this issue yourself.

Lennox furnaces are part of the Lennox Corporation. They are some of the most reliable and affordable furnaces, but sometimes they have errors. An error code is an error code number in Lennox error codes, which applies to various furnace parts and components.

Lennox error code da840 can happen during a furnace’s starting process or during a flame sensor test. It might also occur due to a defective igniter, hopper door, or blower coil assembly. Opening your furnace’s air-cleaning filter will fix the issue and reset your system back to its normal start-up sequence.

It is often best to consult your technician or Lennox customer service representative before investing in any additional work or repairs.

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