Furnace error code 12

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Furnace error code 12

the furnace error code 12 has been known to mean a problem with the defrost cycle. If the defrost cycle is not done, it will cause frost and ice to build up on the evaporator coil and other parts of the furnace.

Furnace error code 12 can be caused by any number of issues:

-The thermostat was left off or set too low for too long.

-The thermostat’s battery needs a recharge.

-The insulation around wires in your home’s walls is worn away.

-There’s a problem with your circuit breaker panels or wiring that causes fluctuations in voltage and temperature swings in your home’s heating system.

A furnace error code 12 indicates that an overheating condition has been detected from the first stage of the heat exchanger. When this code is displayed, the heating system will be shut down, and a red alarm light will be illuminated. There are several potential causes for this error.

In this case, the system has detected a cycle overload. This can be caused by an obstruction blocking the airflow into the furnace and preventing it from reaching a certain pressure (closer to 0). This blockage can be due to a filter that has been blocked or an accumulation of dirt in the return duct.

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