Hvac not igniting

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Hvac not igniting

Some of the problems that can arise with hvac systems are:

– Motor not starting

– Thermostats not working

– Resistors not responding properly

– Heating and cooling adjusting at different times despite the same settings being selected

The job of an HVAC technician is to work on heating and air conditioning units. Their duties include maintenance, repair, and replacement of the components in these systems.

The service technicians often have to be extremely careful when working on electronics, as they must ensure that the unit will still be functional after their inspection. They use specialized tools, such as multimeters and voltmeters, to measure electrical currents to stop power from travelling inappropriately.

There are many reasons for this HVAC not igniting.

There is a chance that the gas or electricity supply has been turned off.

The igniter is faulty.

There is no gas or electricity supply in the area.

Your circuit breaker has tripped and needs to be reset.

The circuit breaker on your HVAC unit has tripped and needs to be reset as well.

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