Ameristar furnace error codes

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Ameristar furnace error codes

The following is the list of Ameristar furnace error codes.

010 – Control Board

011 – Electric power module

020 – Fan Limit Sensor

021 – Gas Supply Pressure Sensor

022 – High Voltage Protector (Front)

023 – High Voltage Protector (Rear)

024 – Hi-Limit Sensors (Front)

025 – Hi-Limit Sensors (Rear)

Here are some of the most common error codes that Ameristar furnaces display on their front control panel and what they mean.

The furnace will display an unplugged error code if the power cord is not plugged in.

If you see a MOV/ Breaker fault, then it means that the heat anticipator has gone bad or is not set to “auto” mode.

If there is no voltage (power outage) or you see a wattage fault, you should reset the circuit breaker or plug in your furnace so it can restart itself.

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