Error code 31 furnace

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Error code 31 furnace

Error code 31 furnace refers to a serious error that affects your house’s heating system, specifically one controlled by a Thermostat. It is reported to be caused by a broken or loose connection in the wiring of your furnace and needs to be fixed before you have any other option to fix it.

Every time you power off, if your furnace has this error code, it means that there is something wrong with the wiring of your furnace. You might want to check and confirm this so that if there is a problem with something else, like the thermostat, you can also fix that and get back on track with the heating at home.

Error code 31 furnace is a code that is displayed on the control panel when the heating system of your furnace goes down. It is also called spontaneous combustion.

The most common cause of error code 31 furnace is a failed or damaged ignitor not allowing the gas line to work properly or gas leaks from faulty gas piping systems.

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