Furnace error code 33

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Furnace error code 33

Furnace error code 33 is a relatively common error. This article will explore what this error means and the next steps the homeowner should take to resolve it.

Furnace Error Code 33 is one of the more common furnace errors that may run through your head when you hear about it. With Furnace Error Code 33, homeowners are advised to immediately turn off their furnace and call an HVAC technician.

Furnace error code 33 is a fault code that usually indicates that the blower fan motor is incorrect or a limit switch has been tampered with.

Furnaces are a very common appliance in every household. These devices help us maintain an appropriate temperature in the house. Furnace error code 33 is a common issue that can happen with these devices.

This problem occurs when there is a change in the air pressure ratio of the blower. This ratio significantly ensures the blower works optimally and dissipates heat efficiently from inside the furnace to outside it. The furnace error code 33 is usually solved by resetting or replacing various components, including pressure switches (PCS), capacitors, and relays, which are responsible for heating up different parts of the furnace.

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