Furnace error code 24

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Furnace error code 24

A furnace error code 24 is a high-limit thermostat that is stuck open. The thermostat will not close the circuit when the temperature reaches its set value.

You need to replace the thermostat and reset your system when you find this error.

Furnace error code 24 is a common furnace error code that indicates that the furnace was running too long on high heat.

Furnace Error Code 24 is a common error code indicating that the furnace ran too long on high heat. Though several things can cause it, a likely culprit would be the thermostat set too high or low or the air filter clogged and not letting enough airflow.

The Furnace error code 24 occurs when the temperature inside the building is too high. This commonly occurs when the furnace cannot distribute cool air throughout the space.

When this Furnace error code 24 happens, it can damage furniture, affect productivity, and cause safety risks. It also might lead to additional or larger system failures and other problems.

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