Evcon furnace error codes

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Evcon furnace error codes

Evcon furnaces are built to be extremely efficient, reliable, and low-maintenance. In order to maintain the furnace’s high performance and efficiency, it is necessary to periodically monitor its operation.

This section provides a list of all of the Evcon furnace error codes that you may encounter. The table below explains what these codes mean and provides links for more information on each code.

Error codes are a list of numbers and letters that help diagnose the problem. The error code is followed by an indicator to show what type of fault has occurred.

The following table displays the different error codes that you may come across on your Evcon furnace:

1 OEM: Indicates that a proprietary internal fault has occurred and will turn off the furnace if it is still running.

2 HVAC input voltage too low: Indicates that the AC power in not getting to the primary input voltage for this unit and it will need to be serviced before use.

3 Meran error code 4: Indicates that there may be a short circuit or overload in the load circuits, which will cause an open circuit unless resolved with service.

Evcon is a leading provider of thermal processing equipment for industries that use metal, plastics, and composites.

Evcon furnaces are computerized to provide error codes in case of any errors. These codes are displayed on the dataloggers and act as a warning for the operators.

Error codes might not always be sufficient to diagnose and solve the issue in a furnace. Evcon offers troubleshooting guides that help operators to diagnose issues with the furnace and find solutions for them.

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