e7 error on Heat pump

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e7 error on the Heat pump

The article’s author shared a possible cause of the e7 error on the heat pumps and linked to articles discussing it.

Although it is not common for residential heat pumps to have an e7 error, it does happen and can be caused by various things.

Hello, I recently had a problem with my heat pump, and I would like to ask for some help.

I started getting an error code E7 about a week ago, and unfortunately, it did not seem to be related to the scale of the issue. The problem was that all the lights on the front of my heat pump were flickering at random intervals, which was extremely inconvenient when trying to sleep at night or use it during work hours. To fix the issue, I had to unplug it for about 15 minutes and then plug it back in again. This process is somewhat frustrating because sometimes it takes up to 5 minutes before the whole cycle is complete, and sometimes the system shuts off without any warning (which is always frustrating).

The e7 error is a type of error that might occur in a heat pump when the thermostat’s indoor temperature is below freezing.

The most common cause for the e7 error is a blocked drain line. It’s also possible that some insulation material has frozen to the inside of the pipe. Since this problem doesn’t happen often, it’s best to turn off your heat pump and call a professional to address it.

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