Ducane furnace error code 3

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Ducane furnace error code 3

It’s a common occurrence for Ducane furnaces to give an error code 3. This error is usually accompanied by a fan blowing to cool the furnace. It usually indicates that the heat exchanger or burner assembly is not functioning properly.

If your Ducane furnace is running, but your home isn’t heating up, you may have an issue with the thermostat. Here are some common problems you may face and what to do about them.

Your furnace won’t turn on:

There is a power outage in your area:

You have a faulty thermostat:

A wire has disconnected inside of your furnace:

Faulty installation, improper maintenance or low-quality fuel may be the causes of Ducane furnace error code 3. There may also be other issues with general system configuration, such as airflow problems, improper fuel mix or faulty control modules.

Ducane furnace error code 3 is a common issue that can happen to any household heating device, and it is usually not very difficult to fix. It is advisable to look at the manual first and then follow the recommended actions to resolve the issue.

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