Common Furnace Error Codes and Their Meanings

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There are many furnace models with various error codes, but some common codes include:

  • “E1” or “Flash code 1” indicates a low voltage issue
  • “E2” or “Flash code 2” indicates a high voltage issue
  • “E3” or “Flash code 3” means the furnace’s limit switch is open
  • “E4” or “Flash code 4” refers to a faulty pressure switch
  • “E5” or “Flash code 5” indicates a flame rollout switch activation
  • “E6” or “Flash code 6” means the furnace’s blower motor is overheated
  • “E7” or “Flash code 7” refers to a flame failure during operation
  • “E8” or “Flash code 8” indicates a furnace malfunction
  • “E9” or “Flash code 9” means the furnace’s blower is not working correctly
  • “E10” or “Flash code 10” refers to a fault in the furnace’s pressure sensor
  • “E11” or “Flash code 11” indicates a control board issue

Note: Some furnace models may have different codes, it’s best to consult the owner’s manual or contact a professional HVAC technician for the specific error codes of your furnace.