Coleman furnace error code 4

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Coleman furnace error code 4

Coleman furnace error code 4, also known as the “auto-venting or burner did not shutdown” error, is a common problem with these furnaces.

The most frequent cause of this problem was a power outage while the furnace was running. This has caused the control board to lose power and stop generating heat. It will automatically reset after power is restored, but if you are quick enough, you can prevent an auto-venting event by turning off the gas valve.

Coleman furnace error code 4 indicates that the furnace is calling for a major engine air purge, which high-temperature conditions can cause. This error code can be resolved by unplugging the power to the unit and waiting for it to cool down before turning it back on.

Coleman furnaces are a type of natural gas furnace. In the event of an error code 4, the furnace is operating on emergency heat, and there is no temperature sensor signal.

Do not be alarmed if you have a Coleman furnace and see this error code. There may be a problem with the sensor or signal, or there may not be enough gas supply. In either case, you can call your local HVAC professional for assistance in solving this problem.

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