Carrier furnace error code 126

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Carrier furnace error code 126

A manufacturer of heating and cooling systems manufactures carrier furnaces. Carrier furnaces have been in the market since the late 1800s and are one of the most trusted brands.

Carrier furnace error code 126 is one such error code on carrier furnaces. This error code refers to a problem with the secondary heat exchanger, which generates heated air for use. If this problem persists, it can lead to other problems like undesirable electricity bill increases and a loss of home comfort and integrity.

Carrier furnaces produce a digital error code when a problem occurs. This can be used to find the needed service technician and diagnose the problem.

Error code 126 corresponds to a thermal overload condition of the electric heating elements. Repairing will heal this error code and restore the furnace to peak operation.

Carrier furnaces are known for their high efficiency and reliability. However, they do come with some possible errors that can happen to you. In this article, we will discuss Carrier Furnace error code 126.

Carrier furnace error code 126 is a common issue that can happen when the gas valve is open, and the flame sensor is not triggered. The furnace will shut off due to an intermittent flame or gas sensor fault. A power outage or a circuit breaker problem may also cause this error on the Carrier furnace.

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