Bryant Hvac error codes

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Bryant Hvac error codes

Bryant HVAC error codes can indicate many different appliances in your home. These error codes denote a specific problem with the appliance, and the system will shut off after two consecutive codes.

Bryant HVAC Error Codes:

– 010: Power supply problem

– 020: Defective start switch

– 030: Defective power supply circuit

– 040: Motor fault

– 100 Motor overload or low voltage (reset automatically)

– 140/141 Open motor windings or high voltage (reset automatically)

– 160/161 Open motor windings or broken contacts (reset automatically)

Noise complaints are one of the most common causes of Bryant air handler failure. The following list of some common noise complaints associated with Bryant air handlers.

1. Blower motor failure

2. Oscillating fan noise

3. Motor overloading

4. Thermostat activation

Bryant HVAC error codes are the different statuses of errors that occur with the equipment. These errors occur when the system tries to communicate with its sensors or other devices.

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