Bryant furnace error code 34

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Bryant furnace error code 34

Bryant furnaces are one of the most popular brands in the industry. This post explores how to fix a Bryant furnace error code 34.

Error Code 34 is essentially a control board error. It can happen for some reasons, including improper wiring, faulty fuse, failed power supply and blown circuit board.

There are several reasons your Bryant furnace may be experiencing an error code 34. This can include a coil failure, a loose wire connection, or an incorrect wiring configuration. We’ll need to troubleshoot before we can tell you the problem.

Bryant Furnace Error Code 34 is caused by an overheating condition. The burners did not shut off in time because the furnace was overworked due to dirty burners or insufficient airflow. Bryant Furnace Error Code 34 may also be caused by a power outage or if the pilot light went out and needed to be relit.

To resolve this issue, you’ll want to do a few things: re-light your pilot light (following the instructions in your manual), check your filters and make sure they are clean, and make sure that your thermostat is set correctly so it doesn’t overwork again.

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