Bryant furnace error codes

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Bryant furnace error codes

Bryant furnace error codes will be helpful for people that need help with their Bryant furnace.

The Bryant furnace is not just a heating system but also an appliance, like any other. It has its error code list, and it is important to know what these codes mean so that you can know what to do in case of these errors.

If you have a Bryant furnace, this guide will help you identify Bryant furnace error codes and what they might mean.

Bryant furnaces are designed with failure detection in mind. They have a continuous temperature sensor, which sends an error code to the control panel if it detects the furnace is overheating or underperforming. The following is a list of common error codes.

· “F1” – Furnace detected low air pressure or suction

· “F2” – Furnace detected overheating

· “F3” – Furnace detected low flow rate

· “F4” – Furnace detected high heat output

Bryant Furnace Error Codes The Bryant Furnace error code for each furnace is a 4-digit number located on the front of the unit. The numbers are as follows:

Floor furnace: 001

Upper furnace: 002

Combination furnace: 003

Lower furnace: 004

Foundation Intake Ventilator (FIV): 10001

Combustion Enthalpy Sensor (COES): 10002

Thermocouple Sensors, Sensor 1 to 3: 10003