Bryant furnace error code 42

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Bryant furnace error code 42

Bryant manufactures gas and oil furnaces, air conditioners and geothermal systems in the United States. Bryant furnaces are known for their efficiency, high quality, reliability and quiet performance.

A customer may experience this error code 42 if there is a problem with the flame sensor or if their blower fan is not working properly.

The customer should contact Bryant customer service to diagnose this problem.

The Bryant furnace error code 42 is the most common error code found in Bryant furnaces.

The Code 42 error is a result of low gas pressure. This can happen when the blower shuts down after not cooling for over 12 minutes or if the thermostat setting is too high for too long.

This anomaly might also result from a faulty thermocouple, which gives false readings to the thermostat, resulting in an overheating condition and pressure shutdown.

Bryant furnace error code 42 is a problem that mainly happens when the burner in your furnace goes out and needs to be restarted.

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