Boiler error code e119

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Boiler error code e119

Boilers can be used for heating and producing hot water. To operate correctly, they need to be started correctly and in the right sequence.

If a boiler is switched on before necessary safety checks are made then an e119 error code will show up.

Boiler error codes are displayed from the boilers feed-water temperature sensor or from the Boiler’s High Limit Temperature Sensor. Boiler error codes can also be seen from other sensors because of a fault in a sensor or wiring problem somewhere in the circuit between the sensor and the controller. Code E119- “High Limit Temperature Sensor Open Circuit” means that there has been a disconnection at one of these points- either at the boiler, at the controller or in the wiring between them. Code E119 could also mean that there is excessive resistance at this point- which is often caused by circuit overloads, loose terminals

Boiler error code E119 is a red alarm indicator, indicating that the boiler is not functioning correctly. If you come across this error code, it’s important to get the boiler checked immediately. This can be done by any professional who has experience in dealing with boilers or your local heating engineer.

Boiler error code e119 is the most recurring boiler error code. It is responsible for detecting faulty heating elements and breaking off from the system.

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