Boiler error code e133

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Boiler error code e133

Boiler error code e133 is a common error code from the heating system. It is usually caused by a dirty air filter.

Often the causes of this boiler error code are dirt or debris on the air filter and/or an insufficient supply of combustion air to the boiler. These problems can be addressed by cleaning the filter and using an inline booster fan.

The error code e133 means that the boiler overheated. The use of a boiler in a residential property is governed by the building regulations and must be serviced annually to ensure it is safe. If this annual service has not been carried out, the boiler may have been damaged and could potentially not work properly when needed.

The error code e133 is generated when the boiler overheats, which can be a result of a number of factors including, but not limited to, lack of servicing or age. If left unchecked this could mean that the boiler will eventually stop functioning when needed and would need repair in order to continue operating properly.

A boiler is a heating device for generating thermal energy for heating or for the production of mechanical power.

Boiler error code e133 is an indication that there is a problem with your boiler and it needs to be repaired immediately.

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