Amana furnace error codes 1 blink

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Amana furnace error codes 1 blink

Amana is among the leading manufacturers of residential and commercial heating, refrigeration and air conditioning products. They have one of the longest-running histories in the industry.

Error code 1 blink: Amana furnace error code one blink refers to an error that tells the furnace there is no communication with its sensors. This is caused by either a loose sensor wire connector or a defective sensor.

1 Blink: There is no issue with the furnace

2 Blinks: An issue with the gas pressure

3 Blinks: The thermostat wire is not connected

4 Blinks: No ignition. This could be caused by a low fuel switch, defective electronic ignition, or a short in the electrical circuit.

The Amana furnace error code one blink is a common cause for concern, but it isn’t the only code.

The Amana furnace error codes one blink, specifically code 54, which means that the system has to be reconfigured. Failing to do so can result in an expensive call to a furnace repair company. To determine whether or not there is a more serious problem with your furnace, you need to check the manual and find out what other possible errors might correspond with this one.

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