Error 4 in Air conditioner

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Error 4 in the Air conditioner

Error four in the air conditioner indicates that the downward flow of air to the indoor unit is not working well. This could be caused by a clogged filter or something else.

In most cases, error 4 in the air conditioner is caused by a clogged filter. When you see error four on your device, you need to clean the filter outside the AC unit and wait for a few minutes before replacing it in its place and turning it back on again.

The best way to fix error 4 in the air conditioner is through cleaning when there’s no power running through your AC unit, like during a blackout.

Error 4 in the air conditioner is a common problem when the AC unit cannot cool down the room.

When Error 4 occurs, it can be tricky to diagnose and fix because you might not know what exactly caused it. Many factors might cause this error – motor, thermostat, or another part in the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system.

In this article, I will cover how you should diagnose error 4 in an HVAC system if you want to avoid paying a visit to your local service center.

Error 4 in the air conditioner is a compressor malfunction. This is a symptom that can be seen in both split and single air conditioners.

Mostly, the repair of Error 4 in the air conditioner can be done by unplugging the compressor unit, removing the cover, assessing for any visible damage and reinstalling new parts.

The compressor should also be cleaned before being re-installed. The last step would be to ensure that the heat exchanger is free from corrosion and debris before it’s reinstalled and plugged back into the power source when it’s finished.

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