Furnace error code limit switch open

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Furnace error code limit switch open

When this message pops up on your thermostat, the first step is to contact a heating service technician and ask them if they can check out your boiler and see what’s going on.

Furnace error code limit switch open occurs when the limit switch system has an open circuit. Some different situations, including a faulty limit switch, loose wire connections, or faulty wiring, can cause this.

When the furnace error code limit switch open is detected on the thermostat’s display, it is important to address this situation as soon as possible. If the furnace continues to run while no heat is supplied to the home or office space and the temperature continues to rise, dangerous conditions may occur.

Furnace Error Code Limit Switch Open is a common furnace problem. The limit switch on the air handler prevents the fan from running when the furnace blower turns off.

A furnace error code limit switch opens when there is an issue with the limit switch that monitors the temperature of exhaust gases. When this occurs, it means that the unit cannot shut down correctly, which can lead to damage to your heating system.

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