Amana furnace error codes

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Amana furnace error codes

A furnace error code is when a unit has difficulty receiving a signal from the sensor. This will cause the burner to be off.

A few common error codes that an Amana furnace may display are:

– No Sensor Signal was Received

– Operating Light Failure

– Burner Burner Failure

A common error code for Amana furnaces is 0303. Here is a quick guide on how to fix it.

0303 – Testing F2 Initiation

Any of the following could cause this error code:

– The flame sensor is not sensing heat from the flame.

– A relay switch has failed, and the control board cannot detect what burner is running.

– The gas valve may be stuck open or closed, causing an error in the control board’s processor.

You may have seen the Amana furnace error codes on your furnace’s display or in the error log. Here is a guide to help you understand Amana furnace error codes and what they mean

If this is your first time dealing with an Amana furnace, here’s a quick primer:

The Amana furnace uses four-digit numbers to indicate specific errors.

When you click on any of these errors displayed by your Amana air conditioning unit, you’ll get more information about the problem, how it was identified, and what actions should be taken.

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