Dometic furnace error code e1

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Dometic furnace error code e1

A common home furnace problem is the E1 error code. This typically means that the thermostat failed to communicate with the thermostat.

This could be due to a blown fuse in your thermostat, a tripped breaker or a faulty capacitor. If you have recently replaced your thermostat and are still experiencing this problem, then it is probably not the compressor or fan motor.

This is a very common error code, which occurs because of a number of different reasons. The first thing that you need to do when this error code pops up is turn off the furnace, then wait for it to cool down enough that you can safely open the door. If you find out that there is no fire or other damage, then try resetting the board by pressing and holding it for 10 seconds. You should also check whether the power cord is properly connected at both ends and see if it needs replacing.

During normal operation, a dometic furnace error code e1 is displayed on the digital display of the furnace control board. This error code means that there was an open or short circuit in the heating element of the oil burner.

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